Flight Review: Emirates (A380) – Dubai to Tokyo in Business

Despite being on the market for over 10 years, the Airbus A380 of the United Arab Emirates’ national carrier Emirates still today might be the most impressive way to travel the globe. The following flight review will take you onboard our flight from Dubai to Tokyo in Emirates’ famous business class.

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 – Arrival, Check-in and Boarding

Arrived at the airport, Emirates awaits you with a tidy separate check-in for business passengers, but also to allow Gold / Platinum customers to check in with Eco-Ticket. Quite a lot and friendly staff make you feel welcome and hard to wait. 40 kilograms are allowed as luggage. With status, the amount of luggage increases by 12 kilograms (silver) / 16 kilograms (gold) / 20 kilograms (platinum).

As usual, the business class ticket entitles to a quick track in security and above all to lounge access, with Emirates having its own lounges almost everywhere. If you only know German airlines so far, this is a worthwhile visit and extra time, because the food and beverage offer is far above average for the crane competition. Culinary, the Emirates Lounge in Paris is a highlight, both in terms of food and fine wines.

Boarding is well organized at Emirates: Business and First have their own boarding and you get via a dedicated passenger bridge directly to the upper floor of the A380, which consists only of First and Business Class.

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 – Cabin & Seat

The cabin makes a fresh, new impression – and that does not change when you catch one of the older A380s. The light design is well thought out and blends well with the curved wood design of the cabin. The Emirates music at the entrance makes additional joy on the flight.

The seat is very well equipped and has two USB plugs, a power outlet, very good noise-canceling headphones, a reading lamp and a large fold-out table. Especially is the small private bar with drinks (uncooled) and the very large TV screen. In addition, there is a tablet, over which various functions can be controlled. Under the footrest there is storage space for shoes. All window seats also have extra storage space under the windows. I have always easily accommodated my documents, camera bag and small tripod.

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 – Food & Drinks

Overall, Emirates Business Class is clearly in the upper league when it comes to catering, although it is also likely to rank just below airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways. For example, there is no on-demand dining, but “fixed mealtimes”. But a recent morning flight was also made an exception – after I asked very much only to breakfast at the end of the flight, because I rest for a performance that same evening had to.

At the beginning of the service the table is nicely set, with tablecloth, salt / pepper and pretty cutlery. Emirates refrains from appetizers, but there are already many nuts before departure. So the order is appetizer, main course, dessert. My last appetizers were excellent smoked duck breast and once again excellent variations of salmon with beetroot and peas.

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 – Entertainment

A highlight in all classes is the entertainment program, with the Emirates Business Class featuring a large monitor and Bose noise-canceling headphones.

Here you can experience “ICE”, this time not the delayed train of the DB, but the great entertainment program of Emirates. With over 3500 options, it has a seemingly endless selection of films and TV series from all over the world, nature documentaries, live TV and games. I’ve watched 5-hour films like Cleopatra as well as all Harry Potter and Star Wars movies, through the headphones almost like in mini-home theater. The series are not frustrating two or three episodes, but always whole seasons. I got to know some shows mainly through Emirates, like “The Middle” or “Modern Family”. From Dubai to Dusseldorf, for example, you can easily do twelve 25-minute episodes, and then the rest on the return flight.

But if you like me want to see something completely different out of interest: There is also a sheer endless selection of films from the Arab-Indian-Pakistani area. And then of course there is the airshow and the camera transmission from outside, with an overview of the rear wing over the whole plane. Plus, you have free Wi-Fi in the business for the entire flight, but frankly, it did not work a few times. Boredom is definitely not possible in Emirates Business Class!

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 – Conclusion

If you choose the Airbus A380, a business class flight with Emirates is guaranteed to be an all-round experience, as the flight itself is only one part. You get a private limousine transfer or a first class train ride, you will expect mostly excellent lounges, a beautiful cabin, a spacious seat and of course the famous bar at 12,000 meters!

The food and beverage selection plays in comparison to the competition absolutely in the upper league and leaves little to be desired. The service is excellent and friendly, but sometimes a bit mechanical. The highlight of the Emirates Business Class in the Airbus A380 with its lasting memory value is the bar with its relaxed atmosphere. Even with the longest flight you can not be bored thanks to the world’s best entertainment system.

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